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Integrated Emotional Freedom Alignment & Wellness 
6 Week bundle.
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For those clients who are ready to go all in and may have more complex issues surrounding their health, emotional wellbeing. This is a 6 week beautiful revealing coaching therapy course. Each client has different needs and life experiences and because of that I design a personal wellness plan.

We work with the energy of the body, and the subconscious on a deep level. Depending on your own issues and goal various techniques are used but always work on treating the whole mind- body- connection as a whole.

From physical pain, emotional destress and confusion. My passion is for you to release trauma/stress/ within the the physical body, as well as emotional blocks by seeking out the root causes on a deep level, understanding them and letting them go, this involves some hypnotherapy and vibrational hypnotherapy.

With the approach of our bodies know the answers and the tools we will use to help you make both the emotional, mental and physical  to make changes necessary in your life for a lasting transformative experience for  understanding and change. I personally know and understand that we all have the ability regardless  of age, that we can help improve our health and current state no matter what. All is needed is the desire that the client is ready to 'go there' and take my hand on their revealing inner journey to health and emotional well being.

Together I help you understand those blocks and behaviours holding you back. Tapping into the connecting between mind, body and energy and using the aid of neuroplasticity  and my own unique tool box to reinforce new beliefs and lifestyle changes.

This bundle is a personally designed service for the individual. Over the 6 weeks you will have up to 3 hour session,(online or in person) on top of the tools used for the therapy.Two wellness coaching session for more inner peace, healing and harmony and alignment.  Bespoke breathwork tools to release stuck trauma or stress in the body. My on going support through the 6 weeks as well as personalised meditation recordings help you relax, balance & breath properly to help your physical body and state during the whole 6 weeks transformation.  ONGOING SUPPORT VIA EMAIL PHONE DURING OUR TIME TOGETHER. THIS CAN BE WEEKLY OR EVERY TWO WEEKS TO SUIT.

£895  GBP- 

$1200 USD

Free 30 Min Call to find out more

Carol- Australia

I have just started my inner journey with Cheryl and already I feel lighter and somehow she just knows what I am feeling and the right words to say. I am excited to finally feel happier in myself.


Cyndi Denker-Portland

I can't say enough about this lady. From her intuitive guidance, to her workshops and healing with colour and paint and her massive creative events she created. All have brought me to a mindful, more joyful place in my heart and the confidence to step out of my own way and comfort zone. I am sad Cheryl is now in the UK - can't recommend her enough.


Molly- USA

I met Cheryl at an event for women in business. I found her such a funny and inspirational speaker. I resonated with what she said on abuse and lack of self love and within and by listening to her something began to shift within me and led me making changes I so needed. Inspirational!

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Annette- UK

I found myself in a past life which came as a surprize to me during my session with Cheryl. Everything became so much clearer and afterwards I felt very peaceful and calm. The healing and emotion that came out of that session was amazing and unexpected. I also had a reiki and chakra balancing session with Cheryl  and she knew exactly what I needed and with her guide was able to do unlock so much. I am now about to embark on another coaching and vibrational journey. Cheryl is a very gifted intuitive, healer and coach. I am looking forward to our breathwork sessions soon.