Relaxing Massage Therapy
Full Energy Body Balance
For Physical & Emotional Wellness

This full body 2 hour wellness session that focuses on both your physical and emotional and energetic wellbeing. 

After the initial consultation, you start with a wonderful Chakra Dance/Movement to guided visualisation and music specifically designed to match the frequency of each chakra, activating the seven main chakras of the energy system. This is followed by vocal toning to increase our intake of Nitric Oxide and balance our nervous system. Followed by breathwork body and mind release and relaxing meditation. Followed by a full body energy system reiki with chakra balancing and chord cutting to release from those that have had negative impact on us.

Each 2 hour session ends with an Oracle or Angle card guidance.

Breathwork and complementary medicine has been around for thousands of years and recent times with scientific proof of benefits of breathwork, reiki and meditation has once again come into the forefront. NHS England are now guiding those suffering from anxiety and depression to also seek mindfulness and meditation as part of their treatment plan.

Benefits are:

This is a powerful relaxing but intensive full body healing, shifting energetic blocks, improve clarity of mind and improved overall health and wellbeing.

You will feel balanced, more energy and awareness. 

Feeling of lightness and shift within.

Improved self esteem and self-confidence.

Less stressed and feelings of anxiety.

Aside from this you will have a set of tools to use yourself to help you keep your nervous system in check and aid you in managing those moments in life when you feel overwhelmed.


2 hours- £170


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Indian Head Massage
Energy & Chakra Clearing

A wonderful head and shoulder massage using the ancient techniques releasing tension

and stress both in the muscles, and scalp. Stimulating the blood flow to the scalp and balance the head chakras and generally wellbeing.Lowering blood pressure, kick start the nervous system, stimulate various organs.

Combine this with body scan, energy healing, and balancing of the meridian energy lines as well as the chakras.

A good introduction to how impactful such therapies are on our health and welfare.


Lower blood pressure

Improved nervous system

Stimulate the Vegas nerve

Reduce anxiety, stress, tension

Release accumulated energy.

Helps with migraine and tension headaches.

Wonderful healing during the meditation healing part.

75min - £70

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