Cheryl Frampton

Founder -The Healing Hubb

I found that sometimes knowing what many women go through makes a difference. On that basis, I trained as a life coach, Master Mindfulness & Meditation Coach/ Vibrational Hypnotherapy and spoke at various events on abuse and healing. Qualified Reiki healer and stage one Access Bars. 


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Amanda Weller


Your wellbeing - naturally Energy Medicine, Distance Healing, BodyTalk

People - both men and women - are becoming more aware of and are striving to live more in line with their intuitive awareness.

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Annette Gardner

Feeling Gorgeous.

I specialise in creating beautiful spaces for you and your family to relax and make your home a warm and lovely place to support you. I work with doterra oils and holistic decluttering. 

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Leonie Wright

Eat Wright.

Get back to feeling like your best self again – with enough energy to meet the demands of your busy life and with a figure you’re proud to show off. Let me show you how! 

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